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An Interview with Jeffrey Costello And Robert Tagliapietra

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What was your inspiration for this season? We began with Jeffrey’s amazing watercolors of chrysanthemums and loved how they looked lyrical and spooky which brought to mind movies like Beetlejuice and Dr. Seussian characters. How did you come to find it? That led to us thinking about the word Hauntings and how at the core it … Continued

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Tomorrow… an interview with C&T!

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Jeffrey Costello & Robert Tagliapietra with Estelle in the Hatch Showroom Costello Tagliapietra designers’ Jeffrey and Robert will be sharing their inspirations behind this season’s collection and telling us exactly who the CT woman is.

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Jessica Alba is Honest


We all want an honest company when it comes to products, ESPECIALLY for our babies!! Jessica Alba felt the same way when she gave birth to her little girl. Many companies claim to be free of certain chemicals but it is hard to find all your baby needs under one company that is certified organic. … Continued

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Sky’s The Limit For Camilla Skovgaard

Posted in @HATCh - has featured Camilla Skovgaard in there new Summer Campaign!! The stunning AD will run in magazines such as InStyle, Vogue and Elle. The Intriciato Sandal Stiletto will be available on

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Victoria Beckham’s Postpartum Collection

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The ever so sophisticated designer, Victoria Beckham expressed her glee to be back in ultra slim fitting sexy dresses by suggesting her collection this season was inspired by her postpartum body! “Im not pregnant anymore, and these are the dresses I want to wear now!” she exclaimed in an interview for VB stayed true to her figure forming shapes and lengths but left out her signature corset this season. It was replaced by a sportier element with hints of polo collars, rugby stripes and cheerleader skirts. Fun and Fabulous for Fall 2012, cant wait for it to hit stores.


Let’s Launch Le Lettre

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Le lettre is a unique and personal jewelry collaboration by our very own Kay Sides and Jason & Daniel Landver.  The design is an update to the single initial pendant necklace. With Le Lettre you can customize your initals, name, birthday, anniversary, ANYTHING special to you or the person you are gifting.  The collection is … Continued

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