GEORGE LOVES has officially launched into the contemporary women’s fashion market with a big splash, presenting its first full collection. Teaming up with HATCh, one of the most respected showrooms in the United States, GEORGE LOVES has already built solid distribution in many of the highest-end boutiques nationwide with a few select pieces.

“It’s a dream come true. We had this idea of taking basics to a new level, creating something more inspired and unique than anything we had ever seen or touched,” says George Moringer, the company’s president and creative director. Jessica Abbott, vice president of operations adds: “It’s incredible. We knew we had amazing and innovative pieces. But we thought, especially in this market, that things would start slowly. The orders and feedback that have been coming in from all over the country have completely surpassed our original expectations and projections.”

The GEORGE LOVES line of super-soft basics (think tees, blouses, sweatshirts, dresses and trousers) are individually made so that no two pieces are exactly alike. For Spring/Summer 2015, GEORGE LOVES has produced cotton knits, linen and cashmere. Their signature, sun-inspired stripes are hand painted and make the pieces instantly recognizable.

“Our inspiration is the sun. We love how its rays fade colors into subtle highs and lows, turning our soft fabrics into the most beautiful and unique artwork. Drawing inspiration from sun-faded materials, we’ve created an effortlessly cool, luxury style and given it that uniquely New York casual, grungy feel, with a slouchy, rolled-out-of-bed edge,” Moringer explains.

The Spring/Summer 2015 line is the company’s first full collection, expanding their determination to make fashion’s basics both beautiful and luxurious. In reference to one of the greatest painters of our time, John Baldessari, who promised not to ever make boring art, their mantra is: “No More Boring Basics,” and is reflected in both the design and the fabrics. GEORGE LOVES is made entirely in the U.S.A. using their signature “Inspired by the Sun” sun-washed process of reduction and extraction, which pulls the color out of the fabric and gives each piece a unique look and feel.

“LOVES US™ is our identifying mark, which means that every single piece of our collection was made in the United States. It’s more complex and expensive to make clothes here, but it makes us so proud and happy to support locally,” says Jessica Abbott.

GEORGE LOVES is available at select retailers from coast to coast, offered at a contemporary price point. Buyers can view the Spring/Summer 2015 collection at HATCh Showrooms in New York and Los Angeles.

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