“You know how there are times that you are so focused and grinding that you are kind of in your own little under the sea neptune world…. that’s kind of how I feel. Like wow, I’ve surfaced and here we are at fall ’15 Fashion Week. Time has just whipped by in warp speed. I am invigorated, exhilarated and so inspired. We are launching 4 new amazing projects and have the privilege of taking over management of one of the largest contemporary brands in our industry who for years, has always done brand management, marketing, sales and distribution in house…What is most exciting for me about all of these projects is the singular thread of craft, integrity and truthfulness to them all.

Cynthia Vincent has mastered universal appeal to become one of the industry’s leading contemporary designers. The brand has become synonymous with Cynthia’s vision for classic yet eclectic silhouettes and distinct prints that encourage women to express their individuality through well conceived, timeless garments. I’ve been privileged to know her for years, an amazing talent, and one who coined the boho glam look before it was even a look. One who has been “glamping” before that became a commercial term. She’s her own individual, loud and proud and always has been – an amazing designer, a proud mother and one who has thrived for years in an incredibly competitive and demanding space.

Then there is the much anticipated unveiling of Thomas Wylde, Los Angeles. Thomas Wylde has become one of the most coveted international brands that continues to reinvent the Rock-and Roll aesthetic, leaving a permanent imprint on the fashion industry. Within its first season launch back in 2006, it reached critical success and branding previously unheard of in the fashion industry. Founder, CEO and creative Director Paula Thomas has been the visionary and driving force behind the brand. Paula Thomas’s interpretation of this modern rebel has struck a chord with women around the world. Inspired by her own Rock-and Roll sensibilities, Thomas Wylde embodies the spirit of punk, yet has a luxurious sophistication and feminine appeal. For the past several years, the industry has been patiently waiting for the unveiling of this additional segment and line. Working on this project has been truly invigorating. CEO Jene Park and Creative Director Paula Thomas are an incredible force. Truly unique and rare, their partnership is one that is unmatched by any I have ever encountered. The level of both creative expression and execution at its finest is tantamount. Both so uniquely talented in their own right, and so impressive as women living dimensional lives. We have met countless times, and each time, the energy is palpable, the ease and the laughs we all share are truly rare. We all just naturally share similar perspectives about life, work, and common drive and stamina.

Jene came to the US, in her late 20’s not knowing a word of English. Her dream was to work for Max Azria. She learned English from watching Family Feud, graduated Valedictorian from FIT, where her Korean born mom came for the first time to the United States to listen to her speech that she gave in English. Her first try in applying for Max, she didn’t get hired. She was so determined, she offered to work for free and intern there. Within a couple of months, not only was she hired but promoted. A true inspiration, she worked her way from intern to head of Creative and ran that company like it was her own. She then decided to open her own company, partnered with Paula Thomas and the rest is fashion history.

Blaine Halvorson is a master of many arenas. In fact, it is this beacon that drives him to executing craft on the highest and all encompassing level. To say he is unique, is like saying Picasso or Einstein were the same…He is carpenter, craftsman, entrepreneur, collector, curator, craftsman, gallerist, historian, and artist. He is both endlessly creative and exceedingly prolific, living and dreaming on a spectacular and cinematic scale.

MadeWorn Rock‘s new home, in the center of Hollywood is like a creative oasis. It is designed and curated with as much precision as a museum. It is one of the most significant experiential creative environments you will be privileged to experience. Comprised of a multitude of “galleries”, each tells its own story.  Walls are covered with art (his own and collected), found objects, and taxidermy animals that Halvorson has given “a second life.” It was a bit shocking being the vegan I am but then, I quickly learned his pieces are all antique. Halvorson is adamantly opposed to the hunting of animals for trophy-collecting purposes.)  Indisputably one of the most interesting and complex craftsmen, he detests the word designer, as his obsessive driver is craft. Born and raised in Montana, and where he still creates and works with many local craftsmen there, the truth of his upbringing, natural environment is seeped and integrated everywhere. His love of imperfections are abundant everywhere…deeply curious about how each object was made, how it might show signs of age, and how it reveals its imperfections.

Halvorson’s interest in process and patina is evident in MadeWorn, his collection of distressed denim and rock tees for both guys and gals. He goes to near-obsessive lengths to recreate the effects of time and wear, manufacturing each article of clothing using historically accurate sewing equipment that has been tracked down from the ends of the earth (which, it turns out, is usually Japan). As to be expected, these are not your average vintage rock tees; this is the holy grail of tees. Made from pure cotton from Memphis, Tennessee, He spent countless months traveling the world to find the original looms from the 1950’s that were used to develop tees. Each tee goes through hours of individual work, from hand sanding, washing with large sized stones, which in itself is unheard of the size of the stones and the length of the wash. As most tees would get destroyed in a 10th of the time used for MadeWorn. He has even mastered is own ink, to give the authentic vintage appeal of old lead prints…. It was the lead base in these paints that enabled the colors to stay sharp and true over time. It all pays off, though. The fit and feel of every MadeWorn piece is unparalleled. While not exactly heirlooms today, they are certainly heirlooms in the making. Spend a few hours here and it’s really like being down the creative rabbit hole. The installations, the curation are so mind blowing and provocative…art is after all the ability to make people feel and see things that they might not have…

Mara and Mine, is a unique and fashion forward shoe collection created by Jasmine Yarbrough and Tamie Ingham, two talented Aussie’s based in LA, with backgrounds on opposite ends of the spectrum, Jasmine – an international model and Tamie, a fashion stylist. Fabrications from Italy and Spain, they found the one footwear manufacture in Los Angeles that used to create shoes for Louis Vuitton and was determined to set up a quality shoe production facility in Los Angeles. The shoes are irreverent, tongue in cheek, fierce, wicked, a bit dark and beautifully crafted. Highly coveted with the forward fashion set, we are so excited about them

It’s been nonstop putting the teams together, working on the launch, the shows, the product, collateral, messaging, marketing, existing projects, fiscal strategies, other unique brand projects that are coming…out of the boxing, in the boxing, leaping, challenges, moving right and then getting pushed left and being oh so grateful to have been guided there, and having faith. The energy we all are sharing and circulating is like a powerful sunshine ray force. We’ve been working so hard nonstop on so many areas all simultaneously…Consistent practice and discipline brings results in all areas, doesn’t matter if its work, play, love, life… It still is astonishing though…. its like the same of physical training…everyday, rain or shine train to get stronger, little tiny steps…and all of a sudden you’re running a marathon, climbing a 5.11, lifting over your body weight, deepening your meditation and yoga practice and thinking how did I get here…. I am always humbled, surprised, like a little kid, never expecting, always learning…no matter how blessed we’ve all been to experience so much in fashion, it’s always with renewed fresh energy I try to see things…Like energy attracts each other…to be able to work and partner with others who love what they are doing, and living their purpose…that’s really what its all about…. at the end of the day…is it did you love enough, not just in the romantic sense. But did you fully embrace every single moment, every grain of sand to pursue your dreams of craft and creation…do you LOVE?

Resounding YES we DO!”

– Kay