Nothing is ever an accident. It’s been 7 years since I put a pause to my traveling, adventuring, exploring. The past 7 years, any time that I was able to grab, I was in Hawaii, caring for my beloved Mom and then my beloved Gram. So grateful to have that time, and those moment… wouldn’t have traded one second of it. 7 years later, wings are back up. Peru, Machu Pichu has long been on my list, and it was so befitting, that when the invitation came spontaneously, it was like my mom and my gram were both saying “yep…its time and thumbs up all the way to this one”.

Trekking to Machu Pichu and being in beautiful Peru is something I would encourage all to say YES to! Learning about the Incas, this beautiful, advanced, highly intellectual, peaceful civilization that like many of these ancient civilizations, just had it righ. The dualities of their belief system, the guidance of the 3 worlds (upper, lower, and present) show culture and people that were so tuned in to balance and holistic living. They were architects, astronomers, intellects, agriculturalists, farmers, and artisans.

So many rich experiences in just 8 days….it’s so incredible what life affords us. In just a little over a week, inspiration, new learning, new perspective, new appreciation for other cultures, and continued presence in our connectedness as a world and as a human race. Nature, as most of you know, is my beacon, where I derive most of my inspiration on many levels. There were moments, places, things I learned, that stopped me in my tracks and at times, surreal things that we got to witness. Like many ancient places, civilizations, the “mana” (energy) was profound and deep. We saw so many signs, in nature, so many affirmations, so many blessings that basically allow you to know that you are listening and exactly where you need and are supposed to be. If I were to write and share all about the trek, elevation from 8,000 – 14,000 non stop climbing, climbing Huayna Pichu, Machu Pichu, rock climbing 700 feet up, zip lining down, time spent in the sacred valley, up at 4 am to witness the magnificent sunrise on winter solstice, visiting local markets, seeing the natural dyeing techniques with alpaca, it would be a very very long blog post – so I will just share the photos as they really do say it all.

One very interesting thing that happened two days into the trek, I fully charged my camera and when I went to turn it on the battery expired… hmmmm…iphone pooped out… so I just listened and I knew that what I was about to witness was to be captured in my brain, in my mind and in my heart – that I didn’t need a visual photo log, universal communication supporting technology shut down and so it was and so it is…made me think of a Toni Morrison quote I love….”at some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint or even remember it, it is enough…”

Peru – I am humbled by your beauty and peace. Thank you profoundly! I’ll be back next year for a backpacking trek to the Amazon.

The wilderness had a clarity that included me and I am so grateful.


Moray (coin) – located in the sacred valley….mind blowing to see the exact execution of the concentric circles. They were created for agriculture and individual micro climates were created per terrace so that different and varying crops could be grown to support and self sustain their communities. They are so perfectly created, it is imperceptible to see but they have graded each one specifically for drainage….pretty mind blowing. Like many ancient civilizations, a lot of speculation that portals were created and partnerships were in force with other worldly beings.


Visiting the local Mercado….beautiful black corn…one of their largest crops is quinoa…fields and fields of quinoa everywhere. They also grow over 400 different types of potatoes in Peru – they were so delicious..curly crunchy ones, purple ones, yellow ones, orange ones….just a rainbow or potatoes.

machu3The Urubamba river has a rhythm of its own and it’s so clear that its a part of this beautiful country’s life line. It rises in the Andes and is a navigable part of the Amazon.


 The resplendent Machu Pichu The incas were a tremendously spiritual society.


I love Llamas and their lashes. This one ran up to me and tried to give me a kiss! In the wild, they are fierce, territorial, very aggressive and magnificent. At Machu Pichu because they see thousands of people a day, even if they are free to roam and in the wild, they are very relaxed around people as they are so accustomed.


Just because there are not enough shots that could encompass the grandeur and beauty of MP.


This was so extraordinary to witness. The day we made it there from the trek, it was in the later afternoon. We were one of the last to leave – everyone has to leave by 5 pm. A small group of us were walking out when out of nowhere, a sunbeam came down from the sky – beamed into a mountain, bounced off and made a shadow of a condor, then penetrated the mountain and came out the other side….the few of us that were there were just speechless. Looking at one another, as if it say, are you seeing what I am seeing? There was a private guide amongst the small group leaving, and he turned to all of us and said, he had never seen that and the shadow of the condor was extremely powerful and profound based on what the condo signified for the incas. It was so quiet and anytime I am blessed or privileged to even bear witness to a  universal sign like that, its so humbling.


Great example of the terraces in Machu PIchu. They also created them as a natural barrier to erosion.


We were so blessed to be there for Winter Solstice. We got up at 4am to get to Machu Pichu and be the first at the Sun Temple. At the exact moment when the sun rises, it hits and goes thru a small window of the sun temple (the only rounded structure in Machu Pichu), hit a rocks, splits the rock in half with a shadow created only on that day…..It was spectacular.
machu10Sun Temple window and sunbeam shadow.
High above the clouds
Glorious Greens!

I made IT :) The trek incredible, humbling, awe inspiring…breathe, let go and with gratitude remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure… oprah.