About HATCh:

HATCh Showroom is the result of a culmination of years in the fashion industry and lifelong passion of fashion and art. With a fortunate career in the luxury sector, owner Kay Sides, wanted to create a hybrid environment that would be able to work with both young designer brands, as well as contemporary brands.

Since the showroom’s inception, the clear vision of HATCh was to create a progressive and dimensional lifestyle showroom, which would be the first of its kind. HATCh, a truly modern interpretation showroom, is the first in the United States to include segments of contemporary jewelry, fine jewelry, footwear, womens and mens. Kay Sides and business partner Betsee Isenberg opened HATCh with Katayone Adeli, Rick Owens, Devon McCleary Jewelry, Lena Wald Jewelry, FiFi and Romeo (cashmere dog line), Pauline, SOLD, and James Perse. The vast variety of designer collections with contemporary brands and accessories was a new and fresh concept that was embraced immediately.

Over the past 13 years, branding and innovation became HATCh’s forte. They’ve had the great privilege of launching, building and managing brands like James Perse, Victoria Beckham, VPL, Giles and Brother, Kelly Wearstler, Lacoste, Alexander McQueen MCQ, Yohji Yamamoto – Coming Soon, Paul and Joe Sister, Charlotte Ronson, Chip and Pepper, Costello Tagliapietra, PRPS, Dr Romanelli, to name a few. The original philosophy and vision has not changed and over the years just expanded to larger spaces in Los Angeles, New York and Dallas. Segmented businesses such as jewelry, footwear, active wear, special young designer projects and mens’ continue to become a significant part of the matrix. Additional segments such as consulting and press are also part of HATCh’s landscape. Business at HATCh is rigorously structured and managed, projecting an environment that honors their relationships and partnerships with specialty retailers within the US and throughout the world.

In addition to the dimensional fashion segments “Fashion For Good” has also continued to blossom over the years. With a deep commitment to be of service, HATCh has been active in supporting children and youth centers in Los Angeles, raising funds for the Japanese Tsunami relief, Hurricane Sandy relief, Typhoon Heiyun, opening its doors to colleges and fashion schools as a teaching and mentoring environment, supporting CAST (human trafficking), guest lecturing at colleges and schools about branding and “creating your own brand with your own rules for your own dimensional life”. HATCh is especially anchored in supporting fashion brands that are rooted in a strong social entrepreneurship focus and service, recently forming its own dimensional “giving” blueprint that will be implemented in the upcoming mission trip to Nicaragua, where water filters will be installed in local communities.


Kay Sides, has had an honored career in fashion: Chanel, Maxfield and HATCh.
Rooted to integrity and her commitment to adding value to the fashion industry in every way possible, Kay has created dynamic holistic environments of progressive freedom, positivity and health. She walks what she talks and champions her teams to work with passion and create dimensional lives. The spearhead of HATCh, Kay has created a unique, progressive environment that integrates art and design, to inspire and provoke.

Fashion is not all that Kay does… a lifelong vegetarian turned vegan, Kay is a proud mother, who is deeply committed to health, sport, fitness, adventure and service Her daily life encompasses strength training, pilates, yoga, running, cycling, crossfit and newest passion, mountaineering. A lifelong learner and student, Kay has achieved sport nutrition and plant-based certifications, and has a deep passion for learning more about “foods as healing for the body”. She has just completed a teacher training certification in yoga and says it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The more authentic and truthful a relationship you have with yourself; you will slowly begin to see every single aspect about your life is about service and serving others” – Kay Sides