Passionate for Peru

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Nothing is ever an accident. It’s been 7 years since I put a pause to my traveling, adventuring, exploring. The past 7 years, any time that I was able to grab, I was in Hawaii, caring for my beloved Mom and then my beloved Gram. So grateful to have that time, and those moment… wouldn’t … Continued

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Waves for Water: Nepal Relief


Waves For Water has been mobilizing an urgent clean-water disaster relief initiative in response to the earthquake that struck Nepal Saturday April 25, 2015 at 11:56 a.m. local time. The initial quake was 7.9 magnitude, followed by a strong aftershock of 6.6 a half-hour afterward, along with at least 15 aftershocks of 4.5 or greater, … Continued

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Kay Sides: My Thoughts as A Mom

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The most amazing thing about being a mom: It is the most humbling and profound experience. To love and be loved on such an unconditional level – where you are completely vulnerable in every aspect and love, accept and cherish in the highest realm. Mantras I live by as a mom: Just because you can … Continued

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Keep Looking For the NOT Sure Thing

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It’s not just about a sure thing at least it’s not for me. We see that as our world gets more complex, people seem to want to take less risk. We see it in many arenas in fashion. Almost any modicum of success seems to bring the same usual route – selling to a corporation, … Continued

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