Chip Foster Visits Barneys

Chip Foster, a genius at vintage denim washes, has been out and about, visiting Barneys around the US to educate staff about the incredible collection that just made its way in store.

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Day 4:

We spent time up in the hills of Granada at Bario Waswali and Communidad Santa Amelia. Bario Waswali is an amazing example of a community that wants to sustain themselves. The people of the city are empowered despite tremendous poverty levels.

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It is arguably the greatest feat of civil engineering in history, and indisputably earth’s largest single cultural relic. It was begun during the Qin Dynasty (around 208 BC) and completed nearly 1,800 years later during the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall of China spans more than 4,000 miles, and it will be a challenge of a lifetime to conquer.

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Nicaragua Mission: Update 1

DAY 1:

The beginning of our journey started with a two-hour drive to Matalgalpa, where we met our amazing driver and security guard, Manuel. From this moment , we saw how indispensable he is to us all. He keeps the five of us in his site at all times and stays with our gear and the car when we are in the barios , all while keeping us safe.

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Chip Foster Men’s SS15 Preview

From clothing lines and music videos, to barbecue sauce and cartoons, identical twin brothers, Chip and Pepper Foster have done it all with energy that makes most heads spin. In 2003, the identical twins, originally from Canada, launched their premium vintage denim line called Chip & Pepper.

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Designer Sample Sale = HUGE SUCCESS

The recent designer sample sale at HATCh NYC, was a bigger success than we could have ever imagined. An overwhelming number for designers generously donated their items to benefit the Clean Water Project in Nicaragua with Waves for Water, and attendees literally shopped until the showroom’s racks were empty.

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