Astrid Andersen

astridAstrid Andersen has been at the forefront of the revolution within sports wear bringing fashion from the street to the catwalk for the past seven years. Her strong and uncompromising pursuit of an authentic yet luxury sports technical aesthetic has made her brand one of this rising genres most coveted labels with a VIP clientele.

Astrid Andersen launched her bespoke fur line at New York Fashion Week in 2015 once again elevating the world of sports and luxury and creating a niche product that has since inspired industry and made her a go to house for luxury bespoke outerwear.

Her London/Copenhagen based brand leads a new generation in menswear. The collections offer comfort as the ultimate styling and quality as an uncompromised signature of its style. Astrid Andersen speaks to a new generation who redefines the conventional dress codes and her strength lies in the interpretation of exactly this.


David Dagnino