La Boheme

labohemeLubov Azria is a critically acclaimed and renown fashion designer who embodies vision & style. A fashion icon and humanitarian Lubov Azria founded La Boheme in 2017 with unrestrained intensions. A world traveler, as well as a mother and grandmother, Azria considers La Boheme as the realization of her dream, not simply to dress people, but to address them as well. Her cause is dedicated to the preservation of feminine confidence, bringing mind, body and spirit to self expression with personal style. As Lubov is often quoted, the collection came through her, as a true artisan, designing with a purpose undefined, but well intended. Passion and innovation, with an innate understanding of the market and what the consumer wants, Lubov designs with a point of view that is informed by her own life and style, designing a wardrobe of luxurious, chic, and timeless pieces for today’s modern women.


East Coast
Christina Vigue