MFit starts with the cotton

if you want to see passion, ask founder, greg, to talk about peruvian pima cotton. he’ll tell you it’s best the in world, grown from ancient seeds in the richest soil that exists. he’ll tell you it’s planted on the misty peruvian coast at just the right altitude to result in the longest possible staple. he’ll tell you it can only be harvested by hand. he’ll tell you it gets spun into yarn of the greatest possible strength—yarn that becomes clothes of unparalleled durability with the softest feel of any he’s ever touched. he’ll tell you fabrics of peruvian pima display a kind of luster—a glow. he’ll tell you it’s the only cotton he’ll ever use.

m/f’s clothes combine perennial designs with the finest materials on earth—like peruvian pima. what results are pieces cut in styles that will last, in materials that will last. at m/f, they make a few exceptional things exceptionally well. the better the quality, the less one needs. and to us, less is everything.


Chloe Fabiani