Aviator Nation

Aviator Nation, a surf lifestyle brand inspired by vintage sportswear, was created as a result of Paige Mycoskie wanting to make clothes for herself that looked and felt authentically vintage. For years, Paige visited thrift stores collecting sweats and tee shirts from the 1970’s and in 2006 she decided the stuff she loved most was getting too hard to find.
Paige, being an artist, already had pages of drawings in her journal so she decided to turn those drawings into her first prints. She purchased a small table top printing press and learned how to burn screens in her bathtub. Paige realized with all the colors she wanted to put into her designs it was not easy to get the effect she desired from only a print. At this point she reverted to the sewing machine and began sewing the actual designs onto the garment. Paige’s inexperience with sewing created a natural hand made look that would eventually become the back bone behind the unique stitch technique in Aviator Nation garments today.